Super Retro Fighter Free Download

Super Retro Fighter free download

Super Retro Fighter Free Download On this page you will find information about Super Retro Fighter and how you can download the game for free. Classic STG game Have fun with your friends just like your childhood!

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Super Retro Fighter Pc
Super Retro Fighter Download
Super Retro Fighter Free

Download Super Retro Fighter For Free

Super Retro Fighter Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link. Super Retro Fighter was released on

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About This Game

Classic STG game

This is a very traditional STG game, you can’t play online, yes, you can only invite your friends to your house to fight with you, just like old times, two of you sitting in front of the screen, working together to overcome the stages.

Of course, you could play it alone (but that would be much harder)

A variety of aircraft for your choice

Focused on AOE damage, it can quickly defeat a HUGE number of enemies.

Focused on attacking heavy units, equipped with a variety of heavy artillery and electromagnetic weapons.

Can deal with many types of units, equipped with pulse guns and lasers.

Characteristic chorus weapon system

Using different types of weapons accumulates energy, and when the energy bar is full, you can use two types of CHORUS weapons. The red chorus weapon is more aggressive, however the blue one is more survivable. Each aircraft will give you different chorus abilities.

Points you earned in each battle are converted into resources for enhanced weapons that you can use to earn permanent upgrades outside of combat, which can increase the aircraft’s damage and extend its attack range. The better you (and your partner) perform in battle, the faster you’ll make your aircraft stronger.

Frustrating boss fight!

Warning: they are so damn strong that you may smash the gamepad or keyboard!

Again, we recommends using gamepads! It’s really hard!

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TITLE: Super Retro Fighter
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STATUS: cracked
GENRE: Action Indie
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