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Jelly Is Sticky Free Download On this page you will find information about Jelly Is Sticky and how you can download the game for free. Explore a world of colorful jelly blocks that can be deformed and stuck together. Use them in surprising, unexpected ways to build clever contraptions and solve delightful puzzles.

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Jelly Is Sticky Download
Jelly Is Sticky Free

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Jelly Is Sticky Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link. Jelly Is Sticky was released on

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About This Game

  • Jelly Is Sticky Free Download
  • Solve over 300 unique handmade puzzles by manipulating delicious cubes of sticky and deformable jelly.
  • Combine different types of jelly in surprising and delightful ways to create useful tools or clever contraptions.
  • The color of each jelly block determines its physical properties—like stickiness, rigidness, and deformability.
  • Tackle challenging obstacles like jelly-burning fires, unlockable gates, multiple controllable characters, and more.


  • A colorful overworld full of unlockable areas, rewarding secrets, clever meta-puzzles, and secret endings!
  • A whimsical and gorgeous fruit-themed aesthetic with a relaxing original soundtrack.
  • Smooth controls and a comprehensive undo system.
  • A highly functional level editor built right into the game.

Made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.


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