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Waves of Death Free Download On this page you will find information about Waves of Death and how you can download the game for free. Following the tragic mistake of military scientists, a new generation of a viral compound has spread through the city allowing the dead to come back to life... All the dead, but also the bloodthirsty Bosses. Jake has to cross the city to save his loved-ones.The countdown begins!

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Waves of Death Download
Waves of Death Free

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About This Game

Kill Or Be Killed!

As a result of the tragic mistake by scientists working for the Army, a new-generation viral compound has spread all over the town, making the dead come back to life. All the dead… Since then, terror has gripped the area, which is now open to attacks from zombies, skeletons and genetically-modified monsters. The latter have escaped from the cemeteries as well as the Army’s secret laboratory to devour the population.
Jake has just received a call for him to save his girlfriend, Lilly. The young man will have to cross the town to save the one he loves.
Fortunately, throughout his adventure, Jake will have access to an impressive arsenal. He has very little time in which to act – he will need to eliminate this menace straight out of hell.
The countdown has started!

Waves of Death consists of ascending 14 levels by achieving the highest score and all within the allotted time. The player, in the character of Jake, must brave the hordes of zombies, skeletons and bloodthirsty monsters, who become ever more powerful and combative. There are two difficulty grades, “easy” and “hard” that adjust the combativity of the enemies.
The interface is easy to use. This is a classic HUD, where orders can be personalized. Particular effort has gone into the meta-representations (e.g. impacts and blood). Graphics hight quality is available on a majority of computers, thanks to a resource optimization tool.

Throughout the game, Jake will be offered new weapons, progressively more powerful and efficient, ranging from a simple pistol up to non-conventional, high-tech weapons. They can be bought in a store, along with munitions, grenades or lives.

The enemies are numerous and divided into three categories: zombies, skeletons and The Bosses. Their power increases during the game and some of them can wield weapons or have special powers. Account should also be taken of the military, who will stop at nothing to prevent Jake getting access to the laboratory.
Skeletons have the most speed. Emerging from the most ancient of cemeteries, they come from another age, one when swords and sabers were in use. They wear armor, use shields and are particularly skillful at fighting. They are generally present in the countryside, around large towns, in the villages and forests.
By their nature, zombies are slow, but they move around in large groups. They like getting up close and eagerly approach their prey to try and devour them. They are generally present in the towns or on the highways.
As for The Bosses, they are bigger and more powerful, having been genetically designed by the Army as weapons of war. They have escaped from the laboratory and are benefiting from the surrounding chaos to rule everything from the top of the food chain. Their attacks are devastating and risk destroying Jake, if the latter is not well armed.

Each level includes 3 waves by the enemy with the Bosses, who punctuate the adventure at strategic points. The game consists of 14 levels that Jake has to travel through them to reach the end of his mission and so free Lilly.

Studio Polygone Games
Unreal Engine® 4
Two difficulty grades
14 levels


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