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MoonQuest Free Download On this page you will find information about MoonQuest and how you can download the game for free. A procedurally-generated adventure game! Explore unique worlds with wild forests, ice-capped mountains and ancient ruins. Talk to giant snails, seek out magical items, and forge the weapons that will help you on your journey!

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About This Game

MoonQuest is a procedurally-generated adventure game. Each game generates a new world to explore with wild forests, giant mountains and ancient ruins. Harvest resources, find treasure, and forge the weapons that will help you on your journey.

Every game in MoonQuest features a unique, procedurally-generated world to explore. Each world contains a variety of regions, each with their own resources, wildlife, enemies, merchants, weather, and moon. Delve into the caves below the forest to find rare metal ores, adventure into ancient ruins to discover powerful items, and find the lost cathedral to discover its secrets. The world in MoonQuest is fully destructible, so you’ll be chopping through thick vines to gain entrance to lairs and demolishing walls to infiltrate castles and ruins.

Some examples of regions you may encounter are:

  • A forest buried in snow, with frozen ponds and wandering bandits;
  • A grand castle atop a mountain, guarded by a silver legion;
  • A labyrinthine ruin preceding a desolate tomb;
  • A rope bridge leading to a deserted beach;
  • A sewer system hiding an ancient rusted machine;
  • A winding system of sugar caves, populated by bats;
  • A cathedral plagued by demons, hidden below an altar; and,
  • A bustling village of craftspeople.

There are many playable characters in MoonQuest, many with unique abilities or items. Some characters affect the world that is generated and some characters pursue different quests. Some of the characters available include:

  • Moonman: a cheerful green alien whose smile illuminates the world;
  • Amphibian: a creature from the sea who breathes underwater;
  • Argonax: a powerful wizard who wields a magic wand;
  • Spartan: a warrior equipped with golden armour who must vanquish the undead;
  • Gromlet: a famous actor with something to prove;
  • Elemental: a being who can attune to ore with his powerful antennae;
  • Carl: a stranded astronaut who must avoid the giants and return home;
  • Meteor: an entity of hellfire which burns everything he loves;
  • Hunter: an assassin who must fulfill a deadly contract; and,
  • Many others!

There are hundreds of items to discover and craft, including weapons, tools, and armour. These items may be hidden deep within a mountain, in the cellar of a merchant, or locked away in a dungeon. Finding these items will help you not die. In the town you’ll find merchants and crafting tools, and by locating the right currency or resources you can buy, forge, cook, or weave many useful items. Some of the items in MoonQuest are:

  • Weapons, such as the Ornate Silver SwordPolymorph Wand, and Dragon Staff;
  • Tools, such as the Golden ShovelRoyal Longbroom, and Giant Feather;
  • Helmets, such as the Bell HelmetRoyal Kabuto, and Plumed Bascinet;
  • Masks, such as the Skull MaskBird Mask, and Salamander Mask;
  • Armour, such as the Moon RobeGloom’s Curse, and Sky Raiment;
  • Shields, such as the BucklerGlorious Bench, and Guard of the Serpent;
  • Useful items, such as the SpyglassCompass, and Map;
  • Precious resources, such as Iron IngotsCoins, and Crystals; and,
  • Accessories, such as the Smorkin’ PipeWalking Stick, and Round Glasses.

The world in MoonQuest is surrounded by a number of strange moons. Each new game uses a randomly generated set of moons, each with subtle influences on the landscape below it. Some of the moons you may encounter are:

  • Giant Moon: a featureless orb which embiggens many things;
  • Treasure Moon: a shining beacon which symbolises great wealth;
  • Water Moon: a beautiful blue sphere which brings relentless rain and flood; and,
  • Frog Moon: a green rock that creates frogs, lots of frogs.

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