Ace Campus Club Free Download

Ace Campus Club free download

Ace Campus Club Free Download On this page you will find information about Ace Campus Club and how you can download the game for free. In order to inherit the inheritance, you decided to lead a campus club from the ground up to become one of the famous ace clubs. Along the way, a girl catches your eye, and an unforgettable story occurred. Can you make it with the girl, and achieve your end goal, it all depends on you.

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Ace Campus Club Crack
Ace Campus Club Pc
Ace Campus Club Download
Ace Campus Club Free

Download Ace Campus Club For Free

Ace Campus Club Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link. Ace Campus Club was released on

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About This Game

This is a romance + simulation game.You played the role of a college club president, accumulate funds via the sales of goods while gaining popularity via events, to try and let your club become one of the top 100 in the whole nation.
In the process of doing so, you will meet five girls with drastically different personalities. They will not only have a series of unforgettable stories with you, but also may help your club.


  • 5 romanceable girls, with exclusive personal storylines and chance encounters.
  • 12 different endings.
  • More than 60 game scenes, a vast number of elite members with different attributes.
  • A light club management game, three game difficulty, very easy to get started on.


  • Bian Yu (CV: Xiange)
    A young girl that is emotionless, quiet and rather hard to understand. Came from a not so well-off family, and is off school to support her family and her grandfather’s medical bill by repairing damaged electronics, and has zero knowledge in regards of physiology.
  • Jin Ni (CV: Kagamikuma)
    An idol who entered the college after graduating from an idol group. Has been pursuing the field of art, and with her being doing some E-commerce, it would seems she has been getting the bad habit of leaving things everywhere.
  • Zhu Xueqin (CV: muriko)
    Vice president of the student council, rather missy, has made a killing within the capital market, no leisure time. Good at writing official document, love cat and scared of mouse.
  • Ming Yuanxin (CV: Cotton Candy)
    Legal Loli, and a fun loving prankster. The cooking instructor of the “Divine Church of the Flying Spaghetti”, rather active with the school’s scientific endeavors.
  • Lian Huishan (CV: Luttefair)
    Solid, pure and professional, with an internship, a small budding business, and a part time amateur ero manga artist. She’s The big sister with a strong sense of eldership within her.

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